Music Review: B. Slade™ – Knowing

A modern rock opera of dystopian vision, Knowing is the seventh independent release from B. Slade™ in just over two years. Set against a backdrop of a society where artistic expression is reduced to being mere clones of style, protagonist Cannon White (complete with varying Southern English accents) proclaims his allegiance to being a “waxer”, having a preference to the warmth of analog recording and production against the exacting nature of digital and the leader of new recording industry ethos, Maxell Lotus.

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Cannon seeks to works to resist the monotony of the new leadership(“Bound”, “iDB”), yet his movements are secretly tracked by agents of Lotus (“Small”, featuring a fine performance from hip-hop artist and producer, O’Hene) and his attempt an open rebellion (“Riot”), and eventually his life is cut short (“Dawn”). Interestingly enough, the digital technology allows for his fight to continue for individual expression despite his death (“Photosynthesis”). It’s only at the CD’s conclusion that we learn that this is only a dream.

While the themes of individual expression are certainly not new to his music, Knowing is the most daring production to date under the B. Slade™ brand. The standout singles are the aforementioned “Photosynthesis”, “Famished”, and the reinvigorated “Blend” which is listed here “iDB”. Even with those singles, the project is best consumed as a complete soundtrack. Available now iTunes and

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